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Top 5 Bridal Lehenga Trends

Top 5 Bridal Lehenga Trends You Should Check Out for Your Dream Day

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In this wedding season, it’s worthwhile to discuss the top 5 trending bridal lehengas 2022, which every bride should know. These days brides love to be experimental with their lehengas. The major focus they put on their clothing is more rest than anything. For all the 2022 brides, there are various options of Indian bridal lehengas.

With the pandemic, less budget is allocated to decor and guests and almost is invested in brides’ outfits. Today’s brides embrace different options and patterns, and the 2022 trend has a lot more for brides to discover, from pastel belts to whites.

Unlike western brides, Indian brides are more attracted to maximalist ensembles and embody the latest trends and heavy work lehengas. They are never attracted to minimal trends. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 trending and famous bridal lehenga 2022..

Rising Bridal Lehenga Trends 2022

Check out these top trending bridal lehengas listed below:

#1 Anarkali Silhouette

Anarkali Silhouette Bridal Lehenga

Many trends come and go, but Anarkali Silhouette never goes out of fashion. Millions of brides’ first choice are this stunning A-line lehenga, and the most ethereal part is twinkling in this huge flared lehenga. Its flair is just phenomenal and loved by the brides. You can enhance flairs by adding cancan or umbrella cut, but Anarkali in the lehenga remains similar. Customary Anarkali silhouettes have been popular, and brides love to stick with them.

Belts with Bridal Lehenga

Follow the latest trend by including a belt with your lehenga. It has become a necessary accessory for making the attire even more beautiful. It offers a great look, keeps the dupatta in place, and presents a neat and clean chick look. Celebrities even approve of this style, from Priyanka Chopra to Kajal Aggarwal styled it with their lehengas then. Why shouldn’t you?

#3 White & Off- White Lehengas

White Off White Bridal Lehenga

When choosing a lehenga color, most of us pick red, pink, and orange the most. But tradition has evolved with time, and now people have changed their mindset. Instead of considering white lehenga as auspicious, brides opt to wear white and off-white lehengas at their weddings. White lehengas look aesthetic, elegant, beautiful, and shine day and night.

#4 Pastel and Floral Embroideries

 Pastel and Floral Embroideries Bridal Lehengas

Anushka Sharma rocked in her pastel pink bridal lehenga, and the pastel and floral embroidery took a massive surge in weddings. From then to 2021, brides slay in pastel lehengas, and in 2022, we will surely see many pastels as well. Pink, blue, and many greens are the superhit pastel shades trending these days. Choose this combination and rock in your pre-wedding functions or at the wedding.

Maximalist Reigns In Bridal Lehenga Trends

Indian brides are not inclined towards minimalism. They love maximalist ensembles. Guests and decor have shrunk with pandemics but not the lehengas. Indian brides are more inclined toward showing off their maximalist Indian culture style. Even the lehenga blouse radiates grace with ruffled sleeves, scalloped hems, etc. If you like minimalism, we advise you to go easy with your jewelry and makeup but go all out with your lehenga and turn most of your head towards you on the big day.


Here are the five top trending lehengas for 2022 brides. Now brides go all out in choosing the best and trendy lehengas from maximalist to floral; brides want to experiment and want to shine on their big day with unforgettable trendy lehenga. We have discussed the most popular five trendy bridal lehengas, choose the one which fascinates you the most, and slay.

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