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Best IMDB Rated English Netflix Web Series 2021

It’s the new year. So, one can find some best web series that can get freshen anyone and have a fresh start in the new year. Here at Nayataaza, we offer a fascinating list that can ensure the course of entertainment. NayaTaaza has used its indicators to show the best Netflix web series in English. To showcase that our list regarding the best English Netflix web series carries the weight, we have provided their respective IMDB Ratings.

#10 Titans 

Any web series list is incomplete, especially the English ones if it does not have some superheroes story. DC Titans derive its story somewhere from the early animated show but in live-action. It carves the new caricatures of DC superhumans. However, this time, the superheroes will meet a supernatural villain, and because it is a group, there will be internal conflicts. So, take out your time, and watch this phenomenal web series.(IMDB Rating: 7.7)

#9 The Walking Dead

Julius Ramsay, David Boyd, Frank Darabont, Michelle MacLaren, etc., can create magic on the screen. The Walking Dead may find its traces from World War Z. But, one needs to crush the zombies from their headshot and cremate them to end their nuisance. Zombies are going to run behind you if they get the aroma or the noise. This edition can wave around with many speculations that collapse unless the only solution comes out. The story centers around a person who wakes up from a coma after seeing the deadliest vision of being the leader of survivors in Georgia and tackling walkers at every stage. (IMDB Rating: 8.2)

#8 House of Cards

David Fincher has delivered one of the finest toasts of real politics, irrespective of the country. A congressman Frank Underwood in the agony of not being chosen as Secretary of State takes the step that derives its authority from dark politics. He takes the credit for the Educational Reforms Bill, uses the print media to eliminate his arch-rivals, ensures his safety and immunity, etc. “House of Cards” is the stunning narration of what a political villain can deliver in the arena of power. The web series shows that power is more important than money, helping sustain people in the market. The best line is when Frank, after meeting Remy, says,” Never slap a man when he is chewing tobacco.” It seems much more what he wanted to say. (IMDB Rating: 8.7)

#7 Ozark

Ozark is equivalent to Breaking Bad. Hence, if someone says that what on Earth you are doing if you have not seen Breaking Bad, tell him that there is Ozark. It is a story about drugs, finance, and the carriage of cops who can take anyone on a roller-coaster ride. When this exquisite show mixes with money laundering, there is more it can serve. So, when blended with threats, Ozark ensures that it builds one of the perfect cause of entertainment. (IMDB Rating: 8.4)

#6 The 100

Civilizations do fall. But, is it right even for technological civilizations. Is something like Matrix coming to our doorsteps? What can be the only way when a doomsday or Apocalypto is inviting the end of humanity? The answer is a nuclear disaster. The nuclear disaster has led some remnants of humanity to shift to a new place called Ark. But human devastating the natural resources of the planets is now challenging the sustainability of the ecosystem. So, 100 detainees go to the Earth to check the current scenario there and prolong the habitation of those living in Ark. The journey carries the treasure of unexpected events with dark times. (IMDB Rating: 7.6)

#5 Vikings

Another historical and periodic-based web series directed by Michael Hirst, “Vikings” extracts the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse hero. His courage was in the chants in England and France. This web series shows the story of the rise of a farmer to become a Scandinavian king after challenging the English armada of the time. The later seasons much talk about the legacy carried by his heirs in Scandinavia, Russia, England, and America. The story may look like fiction, but it holds the ability to narrate a story that builds upon bravery, politics, fights, and ethics. (IMDB Rating: 8.5)

#4 Money Heist

Money Heist is the father of all heists that goes like prose written by Alex Pina. It dismantles the concept of concrete plans. There is Plan B, C, and so on. The Professor creates a culture where everything can attract money if there is a desire to capture it with all means. Then, there is a damn supersonic team that holds the passion for grooming the perfect notion of theft. Since the new season is coming soon, the heist is on the verge where the Bank of Spain may open many gates. (IMDB Rating: 8.3)

#3 Lost in Space

Without science, there is no reality. And, this holds even for science fiction based web series. Related somewhere with “The Swiss Family Robinson,” Zack Estrin’s Lost in Space deals with space colonization. The story may give the notion of what one observed in Nolan’s Interstellar, but that had a concise span in the movie. Lost in Space is space colony-niche web series. Till now, it has delivered two seasons, but 2021 is carrying the baggage of the next two seasons. The story revolves around the Robinson family selected for the 24th space colonization mission to Alpha Centauri. But, before reaching the star, a mishap occurs, and it leads to a series of mishaps, from ejecting the mother ship to crashing on another planetary object, etc. (IMDB Rating: 7.3)

#2 The Crown

Based on the book of famous British historian Robert Lacey, The Crown comprises four seasons spanning from 1947 (during Elizabeth’s marriage) to the time when the vows of marriage are on the brink of collapse for Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh). The web series has shown the nuisances of the British Empire. The entire show displays various facets of monarchy, its conflict with democracy, imposing legitimacy, etc. The best line comes when PM Macmillan tries to showcase his health and wants to resign, and Queen Elizabeth replies, “Confederacy of elected quitters.” It was a strong one that showed the queen’s frustration when the top-notch executives frequently leave the portfolio when the country is more into crisis. The story gets index due to its reality and brutal show of what mess the British Empire created and the Government. (IMDB Rating: 8.7)

#1 Dark

Remembered the movie GI Joe: Retaliation? There’s a line that comes when Dwayne Johnson says: “Damn Ninjas.” Well, for NayaTaaza, it is damn Germans. Germans just crossed the boundaries was once set by the “Back to the Future” trilogy. A dark cave can take you to different time horizons creating a temporal shift with a change in events. The German town of Winden pops into the news when children start missing or vanishing. Every time one enters this cave can either come to 2019 or 1986, or 1953. As, if some predict that because it is near to nuclear power plant, there may be some radiation issue. But hey, there is no equation given by Bohr or Schrodinger about time travel and radiation. So, what’s the mystery. Catch out and watch Dark. For NayaTaaza, it is the best English Netflix web series. (IMDB Rating: 8.8)


We hope that with this list, we have ten cool shots that can grace your entertainment mode and time. Do check out NayaTaaza’s best English Netflix web series for the excitement in your way to explore the different arena of Cinema.

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