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Best MX Player Web Series 2020

Best MX Player Web Series 2020

Many OTT platforms flourished amidst the global pandemic. When the body faced restrictions, OTT ensured that the users use their eyes and brains to enlarge their cheeks while smiling. MX Player is also one of them that gained popularity. But, some viewers had the notion that it has more sexual content. That’s not true. MX Player offers some fine and amazing content. In this article, we will discuss the best MX Player web series. Naya Taaza will use the same indicators to quantify the best in the list, as we did for the Amazon Prime web series.

#5 Raktanchal


All those who received the blitzkrieg after seeing Mirzapur thought that Raktanchal would present similar content. But, Raktanchal is closer to reality than all the web series present in MX Player. Goons running other ventures were using crime to consolidate their regime. The story takes a ride of Purvanchal of the 80s where crime sits at the seat of politics and economics. Acquiring tenders in the area opens the bloodbath that can stop only when one removes the kings of crimes. The story gives good music but lacks strong acting. Also, cinematography derives modern drives of the area. Raktanchal scores 6 out of 10.

#4 Hey Prabhu

 Hey Prabhu

India has already entered into the startup ecosystem. The funky colors in the office are the new fashion adding in the flavors of corporate life. A person joins a new magazine startup, founded by one who keeps herself away from social media. She wants to work with the handicraft in the era of the Industrial Revolution. But, she goes into her stress mode after the luxurious brad loses her dog. But, the new entrant helps her to get the dog through his influence on social media. The story misses the touch of reality once he tells how he found the dog. The music is also too dull. “Hey Prabhu” gets 6.5 out of 10. 

#3 Bhaukaal


Navneet Sikera is one of the beloved and reputed cops of Uttar Pradesh. The story is based on the events when he becomes “Kaptaan Saheb” of the rule-breaking district Muzaffarnagar. He goes to break the jinx that police can only shroud to the dead one, but not security. He targets one of the notorious groups by planting one of his personnel. So, he starts getting all kinds of inputs. Then, he starts all-out elimination. Between this, he loses his most trusted officials. But, he ensures that the people of Muzaffarnagar can do farming instead of digging the soil to fill the dead. NayaTaaza gives 7.2 out of 10 to Bhaukaal.

#2 Official Bhootiyagiri

Official Bhootiyagiri

If Sumit Vyas is present in the web series, one can expect something good is heading towards the viewers. Official Bhootiyagiri takes the unique way to narrate a horror-comedy. A boy has to make his family hotel business into a profitable venture. But, the hotel is a bug for being a haunted place. The story will take many twists and turns and make sure that viewers complete the entire web series in one shot. NayaTaaza gives the second rank to the “Official Bhootiyagiri” as it scores 7.5 out of 10.

#1 Fathers

Fathers MX Player Web Series

You bring maturity with experience. Even if the story lacks or weakens somewhere, some vintage edition carries it on their shoulders to keep the viewers intact. Actors of Fathers did phenomenal with the story. Virendra Saxena, Rakesh Bedi, and Manoj Joshi are three fathers who are trying to explore new things in life that are facing monotony. The nexus of TVF and MX Player carves the best content that holds Indian masala, Jhakaas story, and ultimate comedy. It tops our list by scoring 8 out of 10.

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