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Falcon and Winter Soldier review

Falcon and Winter Soldier: Marvel’s New Trailer Out

Marvel, Marvel, Marvel! As if the name always wants to create marvelous and super cool things. Just a few days ago, they launched the trailer of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” It seems like the story will take a new course from where these two superheroes left Captain America in the Endgame. The trailer already has around 7 million views in two days. And, the content and story are promising and these two will continue their fight against the wrong elements. The movie is going to premiere on 19th March 2021. In this article, we will discuss the newly launched trailer of Marvel’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Legacy of the Shield is Complicated

The very first line and the music will bring the tormenting attraction. After Captain America, someone has to maintain the legitimacy of his shield. Falcon and Winter Soldier are trying to provide a symbol to the world that can assure them that the world is safer. But, some mask-covered elements are intruding on society. Hence, they need to act as much as they can to keep the intruders away from the people. Plan or no plan they have to succeed. The trailer contains less dialogue delivery but will widen the horizon. As of now, this 111 seconds trailer talks less about the story. But, one can take out the gist within 30 to 40 seconds of the trailer.

Reviewing Trailer

Marvel’s 2021 bowl has added Falcon and Winter Soldier after Wanda Vision and Loki. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are back in the business of action. The trailer also brings Zemo (the culprit in Captain America: Civil War released in 2016). So, the bags are full of twists and turns. One should be confident about the music. The cinematography is phenomenal. Yet, it seems that Falcon has more role to perform as per the desert mountain attack scene shown in the trailer. Actions are power-packed for sure with the speedy bikes and quick moves. So, engage yourself with more energy as just after the ides of March, Falcon and Winter Soldier will create the aura of Marvel back again.

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