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Ira Khan

Ira Khan: Aamir Khan’s Daughter, Looks Bollywood Ready in these Candid Clicks

Ira Khan, Mr. Perfectionist and the most controversial actor Amir Khan’s oldest daughter is now fully matured and set to appear in upcoming Bollywood films. Ira, the charming daughter, is no longer her father’s princess; she has grown to be exceedingly bold and beautiful in recent years. It’s a different story when it comes to Ira’s vivacity and joy. She is constantly spotted in the headlines of B-town due to her attractive and brazen demeanor. Ira Khan, the daughter of mother Reena Dutta and father Amir Khan, is a stunning and extremely talented soul. Ira, who was born in 1997, is a philanthropist who helps a number of NGOs in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She also enjoys music and aspires to be a musician and vocalist in the future, but she has remained tight-lipped about her aspirations. So, who is Ira khan in real life, let’s check out her photos.

Upcoming Bollywood Star kid Ira khan hot and mesmerizing pictures

Ira Khan looks stunning in sparkling red-colored gown

Ira Khan is a very beautiful and lively person. For her colorfulness and simplicity, she is very famous as compared to the star kids of Bollywood. She looks absolutely stunning princess in this sparkling red-colored gown with red-colored hair.

Ira Khan

Ira knows very well what boldness is, that’s why in this swimsuit, she is making people crazy about her beauty. In real life also ira is a very happy and talented person.

Ira Khan with her friends

Ira talks very little in real life but often keeps updating her fans about every aspect of her life through social media. Ira is having fun on the beachside lifting her friend. She looks absolutely glamorous in the middle of her “better third”.

Ira Khan

Lost in her quirky thoughts, Ira looks gorgeous even in this no-makeup look. You will be very surprised to know that Ira Khan is a very good friend of Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara Tendulkar.

Ira Khan with her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare

The discussions of Ira Khan and her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare are in the media with a lot of noise these days. This couple, who live like a love bird, is very cute. Nupur is a bodybuilder and sportsman just as innocent as Ira is.

Ira Khan wearing sheer black skirt with a golden top

Ira is looking very hot and elegant black queen in this sheer black skirt with a golden top. Black boots are seen adorning this dress. Famous actor Aamir Khan loves ira very much. He has also said in one of his interviews that Ira is his favorite child.

Ira Khan

Ira is absolutely amazing thanks to her performance in this photo. The rich Ira Khan of perfect body wears some clothes, she looks beautiful on her. So like his father Mr. Perfectionist, in the same way, his daughter is also no less than anyone.

Ira khan in bikini

Even though people have gained so much weight in lockdown, but Ira khan has become the queen of absolutely sexy body. Poolside I can’t take my eyes off the Ira in this orange bikini. And why would you remove it, it is so amazing.

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