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South Indian Queen Nithya Menen with hwe bold look

Nithya Menen: Up against gender biases this International Women’s Day #NotTheWeakerGender

Nithya Menen, the 31 years young famous south Indian actress and singer, who is famous for her roles in movies like Ustad Hotel with Dalquer Saman, Ishq, Skylab, has also played some major roles in some famous Bollywood movies like Mission Mangal with Akshay Kumar, in a series like Breath: Into The Shadows with Abhishek Bachchan, has recently put up a short video on Instagram in association with Continental coffee urging people to sign up a petition to fight against the gender biases.

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So, what the petition is about? Let me elaborate on that. As we go on google and search for the “weaker sex”, a lot of dictionaries of the world show “women regarded collectively”. Now, what does that mean? It means the whole population of women, individually and collectively is weaker than that of men. Now, is this even true? Science says NO. Women are not the weaker sex, how can they be? The women bleed constantly for 5 days a month from the age of 13 till 45 years. Women who grow a whole human being inside of their womb, and then push them out through their vaginas. How can they be weaker?

Now, this is what the petition on which is started by Nithya Menon and Continental Coffee is about. They have put up a challenge to the world to change the perception of women this International women’s day. It’s a strong message sent out to all the dictionaries and biased people across the world to
change their perceptions of women. The petition has now managed to get 10,000 signatures as of this date. And a decision shall soon be taken on this one.

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