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Russian Girl Slaps Haryanvi Tau Watch the Video

Unexpected and entertaining encounters are not uncommon in the world of reels and shorts. Recently, a video surfaced on Instagram reel featuring a Haryanvi Tau who proudly proclaimed himself as a professional photographer and an award-winning portrait photographer in India. What happened next was a hilarious and unexpected turn of events that left viewers in splits.

Read on to learn what exactly happened to him at the end of the scene, and why the Russian girl slapped him!

Why Russian Girl Slapped Haryanvi Tau?

The reel featured none other than a self-announced Haryanvi Tau, who showcased his skills as an award-winning portrait photographer in India. Little did he know that his encounter with a Russian beauty named “Shyana” on the streets would take a bizarre turn. It makes this reel the talk of the town.

The reel begins innocently enough as the Haryanvi Tau, full of confidence, approaches Shyana and directly inquires about her name. He asked, “What’s your name”. She responds and says Shyana. 

The casual exchange takes an incredible twist when he proposes to capture a few portraits of the unsuspecting Russian girl. Shyana, delighted and perhaps flattered, agrees with a cheerful “Wow, of course.”

The Haryanvi Tau, with a camera in hand and a twinkle in his eye, instructs Shyana to stand with a pose. As the camera clicks away, he presents the results, expecting admiration. However, Shyana’s reaction is far from what he anticipates. He said, “Look at these photographs.”

With a not-so-happy expression, Shyana said, “Oh my god! She is so big.” The Haryanvi Tau, quick on his feet, defends his photographic skills, by saying “No they are very aesthetic.” Coming on strong, he decides to take this small photoshoot to the next level.

Expressing an interest in Shyana’s apartment, the Haryanvi Tau requests a tour, claiming his expertise in indoor photography. And, he asked about her apartment and said “Can you show me your apartment, I click so well in indoors.”

Surprisingly, Shyana agrees by saying “Of course” and leads him to her place. As they enter, the Haryanvi Tau, perhaps feeling the heat of the moment, first appreciates the beauty and says, “Vow very beautiful apartment.” then, he starts to unbutton his shirt, saying “It’s so hot yaar”.

Shyana, understandably taken aback, questions his actions with a stern face “What the hell are you doing?”

Unexpectedly, Shyana reacts angrily and delivers a strong slap to the Haryanvi Tau. The reel ends suddenly, leaving viewers in shock and disbelief.

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Who is Dharambir Haryana?

Meet Dharambir Haryana, the social media sensation and comedian who became an overnight sensation owing to his hilarious Instagram reels. With dark humor and unexpected twists, his videos keep users hooked to their screens.

Despite his seemingly old persona, Dharambir is actually a fictional character portrayed by comedian Pankaj Rathee. Based in Garhi village, Rohtak, Haryana, he has amassed approximately 678K Instagram followers for his witty content, all while using AI-based face apps to play with his age.

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