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The Hindi remake of the Malayalam film Driving Licence, Selfiee is an action-comedy drama featuring some of Bollywood's biggest stars.

Selfiee Movie Review: Is Akshay Kumar’s Latest Film Worth a Watch?

Selfiee is a 2022 Bollywood action-comedy directed by Raj Mehta and starring Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi, Diana Penty, and Nushrratt Bharuccha in lead roles. The movie follows the story of superstar Vijay (Akshay Kumar) and a policeman named Om Prakash (Emraan Hashmi) whose dream in life is to take a selfie with his favorite Bollywood star. The film is a Hindi remake of the 2019 Malayalam film Driving Licence and has already gained a lot of attention from Bollywood fans.

Before you head to the cinema to watch Selfiee, here are some things you should know:

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Star Cast:

Akshay Kumar plays the lead role of superstar Vijay in the film, and according to some reviews, he delivers a fantastic performance as the larger-than-life Hindi cinema hero. Emraan Hashmi returns to the screen after a long time to play the role of Om Prakash, and his portrayal of a policeman who wants to take a selfie with his idol is commendable. Diana Penty and Nushrratt Bharuccha play supporting roles in the film, and while they don’t have as much screen time as the two male leads, they still deliver impressive performances.


Selfiee revolves around the story of Om Prakash, a policeman whose ultimate dream is to take a selfie with his favorite Bollywood star Vijay. When destiny brings the two together, things take an unexpected turn as Vijay struggles to obtain his driving license. This leads to a confrontation between the superhero and his fan, and the movie takes an interesting turn as we witness a battle between the two. The action-packed movie promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and according to some reviews, it delivers on that promise.


As of now, Selfiee has received mixed reviews from audiences. While some people enjoyed the movie’s over-the-top action sequences and comedy, others criticized the film’s predictable plot and lack of character development. According to the reviews shared earlier, some viewers praised Akshay Kumar’s performance, while others felt that his portrayal of a larger-than-life hero was too exaggerated. Emraan Hashmi’s comeback has been applauded by many, and some people even went as far as calling it the highlight of the film. The supporting cast was also well-received, with some viewers appreciating Diana Penty’s portrayal of a strong, independent woman. Overall, the film seems to be a decent watch for those who enjoy Bollywood masala films.

Funny reactions on social media after watching Selfiee:

With every new movie release, public reactions and memes on social media platforms have become a tradition. Selfiee, starring Akshay Kumar, is no exception. Here are some funny reactions from the public that will surely make you laugh.

1. “Akshay Kumar set a record of 184 Selfies in 3 Minutes which is higher than the total 153 tickets sold for his movie.” – This meme sarcastically highlights the fact that the movie did not perform well at the box office.

2. “Ohk it’s not fine movie of course it is a remake film and gonna be a disaster. 1⭐+✨ out of 5 ⭐. Third class movie that I’ve ever seen.” – This reaction expresses disappointment in the movie and rates it poorly.

3. “I think you should return to Canada…” – This humorous comment suggests that Akshay Kumar’s movies are not up to the mark and he should return to his home country, Canada.

4.”Full support to you, Kangana. You’re a bigger star than Akshay Kumar. His movie Selfie will get less views than any selfie of yours on Instagram. Keep rocking!” – This meme sarcastically applauds Kangana Ranaut and highlights the poor performance of Selfiee.


Selfiee promises to be an action-packed comedy-drama that features some of Bollywood’s most talented actors. While the film has received mixed reviews from audiences, it seems to be a decent watch for those who enjoy larger-than-life Bollywood films. If you’re a fan of Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi, or just Bollywood in general, you might want to give Selfiee a shot. Who knows, you might just enjoy it!

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