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Viral Nibba Nibbi Vlogs

Viral Nibba Nibbi Vlogs: Teenage Couples Attracting Children, Parents Keep an Eye On

The Internet has entered our lives in such a way that whether it is a small child or an elderly, it has now become a part of everyone’s daily routine. The advantages of the Internet have contributed a lot in today’s modern era. When schools were closed during the Coronavirus pandemic, online classes became the only means of education for the children. The Internet has become a medium to get academic education as well as professional education. But the disadvantages of the internet also cannot be ignored. Parents need to keep an eye on what kind of content their children are consuming.

By some means, children manage to get access to the social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. And the negative part is that the parents are unaware of what their children are accessing on smartphones. Consequently, viral Nibba Nibbi vlogs on YouTube like Raju – Roshni, Simal – Manisha, and Sehwag – Riddhi have gained popularity among teens and kids. These teen couple vloggers who talk about sacrificing themselves in love, are actually married in real life.

In this article, you will get to know who these people are and what great things they have done. These names have become very much famous on YouTube. Many other big YouTubers have roasted them in their videos because of their silly stories.

Here are some famous Viral Nibba Nibbi Vlogs

1. RS Raju SADHU

Their YouTube channel name is RS Raju Sadhu and it has more than 5 lakh subscribers. Raju and Roshni, they have got married after running away from their home and now they have a child too. Children who watch their vlogs seem fascinated with them and praise their lifestyle. The point of concern here is that Raju and Roshni are promoting child marriage in a way.

2. SehwagRiddhiVlog

Here is another couple Sehwag and Riddhi whose channel name is SehwagRiddhiVlogs and they have 50k subscribers on their Youtube channel which is also a big number. The age of Raju and Roshni will get you in shock, they are only 16 and 15 years old couple. One more shocking fact is that they got married with their parent’s permission.

3. Simal Hindi

Now, just like both of them, there is one more couple who is getting the limelight Simal and Manisha. These two are from Jharkhand and just like Sehwag and Riddhi, they are also 16 and 15 years old. This couple also got famous on youtube because of their child marriage. They have around 90k subscribers on youtube and increasing speedily.


These teen couple vlogs are captivating teenagers with their sluttery lifestyle. It can affect children’s minds and tend them in the wrong direction. As we know, it is not possible to keep away children from mobile, but parents should maintain good communication with their children. They should keep an eye on what their children watching. If possible parents should give certain access to smartphones which is only essential for their study.

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