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Hotspots of Goa: Best Places and Activities in Goa

Hotspots of Goa: Best Places and Activities to Rejuvenate Life

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Goa is the checklist that every Indian wants to tick in their lifetime. It is a place that carries the persona of rich European culture and classic Indian style. History consolidates this fact as Goa was the last territory that got relieved from the sparks of colonialism. Since its integration into the mainland, it has been the epitome of a perfect tourist spot in the country. The places that can get anyone into freak mode are beaches, churches, top hills, and paragliding fever, cheap alcoholic drinks, etc. In this article, let’s find some of the best hotspots of Goa, along with the activities one must perform in Goa. Add them in the notes so that whenever there is a formulation of “GOA IS ON,” these spots are present in the must-watch list. 

Mandrem Beach – Made by Europeans, Not in Mandarin

best beaches in goa which is the best tourist destination that you should not miss.

No tourist spot can start without beaches in Goa. That’s the most universally accepted fact. Here, we begin with Mandrem Beach, the tourist site that captures every eye. Black glasses, swimsuits, or cozy outfits perfectly fit with this site.

goa beaches which is perfect for any vacation

The beach renders the right magnitude of peace, with the Arabian Sea showering easy tides toward the shores. When the sand lets the feet give a cold touch, thus, indicating that the sun is setting, one can look behind and see some of the finest hotels there. Other beaches that load excitement for beaches is:

  • Anjuna
  • Bambolin
  • Candolim
  • Calangute
  • Mapusa

Sanquelim City – From the Notes of Tranquility

harvelam waterfalls in goa which is the oldest natural spot of the state

When one comes out of the beaches and seeking the perfect heritage sites, one must head towards Sanquelim city. This city has baggage of beautiful places, including Harvalem Caves, Harvalem Waterfalls, and Rudreshwar Temple. Harvalem caves are related to the Pandavas who stayed at this place for some time. If the tourist wants some wet grounds to enjoy to the fullest, the Harvalem waterfalls can serve in the best way. Hence, in a nutshell, Sanquelim can take someone to the past and then bring them immediately back to the present (Go with the flow of what NayaTaaza is saying). One more waterfall that can steal the sense of awestruck from everyone.

dudhsagar waterfall is the most beautiful tourist attraction of goa

It is the Dudhsagar waterfalls. This waterfall is the actual tenet of incredible India what one knows hardly.


Well, no one can imagine what this place is about. Ponda can show the old-school rich facets of being Indian. There is a wide range of spice farms that can roll out the actual tenets of Indian tradition. Spice has been one of the business ventures for us to date.

spice gardens of goa in ponda, goa is famous for its spices

This tropical garden has a mixture of Mexican pepper, Lavender tree, etc. Apart from this, what more intrigues a tourist are Safa Shahouri Masjid, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Laxmi Narsimha Temple, etc. 

Velha – The Vintage Goa

Panaji was never the capital of Goa since its formation and institutionalization by Europeans. It was the Velha Goa or the Old Goa. The vintage version of Goa is impeccable.

vintage goa is famous for its beautiful and rare architecture. the influence of christanity on goa makes it the most exotic state of the country.

It has a bunch of majestic churches that carry loads of tourists every year. Let’s give some fanatic trivia to our readers. Most of the churches have the UNESCO World Heritage status.

goa tourism is famous for its churches and rare architecture resembles with the european culture.

The way tourists come to visit these churches depict that sometimes the micro-idioms like “Valar Morghulis” may go wrong. Some of the churches to view are:

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus 
  2. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
  3. Se Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  4. Church of St. Francis of Assisi 
  5. Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine

Night Life & Affordable Drinks

Goa is the hub of nightlife. One may say that the metropolitan cities adopted nightlife from the night culture of Goa.

goa night life is famous for its unique style of hippie culture and low cost alcohol.

But, what these cities cannot take away are the affordable alcohols, dusty sand, and powerful music on the beaches. People must plan their Christmas and New Year in Goa for at least once in their lifetime.

goa can be the perfect destination to enjoy romantic life at night in cold sand and breeze.

This lifetime opportunity can change their view to see entertainment differently. These parties can give you your best partner with whom there is a chance to spend life even. So, visit the Club Cubana and Tito Street whenever there is a visit to Goa.

Watersports & Paragliding

paragliding in goa. due to the warm air of arabian sea, goa is the perfect place for paragliding.

Try to recall some of the watersports in your mind – parasailing, scuba diving, paragliding, snorkeling, etc. You name it, Goa delivers it. If you experience it, you will say damn what was the reason that let Hrithik go scuba diving in Spain and not in Goa. Watersports is one of the coolest quotients that every tourist wants to add to their life enjoyment indexing. Goa’s Baga Beach is one of the most renowned spots that offer such watersports. 


Goa is the extreme delight of perfect tourism. It lets one engross into hotspots of Goa. No one knows how they can fade away in the air of Goa once landed. We hope that these hotspots of Goa can deliver that toast of excitement and satisfaction one needs in their trips. If there is a need, then go and read again about the hotspots of Goa to know what it can unleash. 

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