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Nissan Magnite Review

Nissan Magnite Review: Magnanimous Magnetic Driving

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“Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,”

A wonderful one has read once in their lifetime. William Wordsworth knew the importance of traveling. The fun of traveling is when you are having the controls on the steering wheel, the car window is open, loud music is mixing with the gusty winds. That’s the real magic in driving or sitting in a car and running through the cities. In this article of NayaTaaza, we will look for one of the recently launch automobile that holds the aura of ultimate driving. Let us discuss and explore the different facets of the Nissan Magnite. This car works on the concept of “One look and you’re hooked forever.” 

Body & Chassis

Nissan Magnite has a 360-degree charismatic outlook. It is available in 8 color variants – flare garnet red & onyx black, blade silver, storm white, sandstone brown, etc. It provides the first-in-segment sleek Bi-Projector LED Headlamps and LED Light Guide. Nissan Magnite has a very high bump clearance of 205 m. Also, the wider gap between the fender and the wheels decreases the bumpiness inside the cabin. Hence, even the roughest roads cannot reduce the traveling excitement. The full bulletin chrome enhances the charm of this newly launched car. Even the quarter glass window present in the rear seat offers maximum brightness with maximum room and zero claustrophobia. Nissan Magnite adopts the least turning radius. So, it will ensure the least possibility of accidents during the turns. 

Safety Quotient

Nissan Magnite has maintained the highest level of safety quotient. One of the biggest parameters is that it has standard dual airbags for the driver and the co-passenger. Nissan Magnite holds Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC). Therefore, it lets the car get instant control on difficult terrains, slippery roads, and sharp curves, etc. The Anti-Lock Brake System and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution provide the right mix of deterrence required for road threats. 

Engine & Simulation Technology

Every car has the engine as the core component. And, Nissan Magnite has the state-of-the-art 1.0-litre HRAO Turbo engine that has a manual 5-speed and X-TRONIC CVT gearbox. Also, there is a D-STEP logic control computer software embedded in the Nissan Magnite. It uses dynamic inputs like vehicle speed, application speed, and accelerator pedal position to determine the ideal gear ratio needed to deliver exciting performance.


  • Best-in-class cockpit interface design
  • Best-in-class rear knee room
  • Steering mounted audio and other metric controls
  • Best arm-rest with two cup holder and one mobile holder
  • 336L cargo space with 60:40 split
  • 7″ TFT Display with welcome animation


The ex-showroom price of this car is 9.45 lacs Rs. Hence, one gets a supersonic option to avail of this vehicle at a cost-effective price. One can start booking Nissan Magnite. Nissan is giving two options to buy this amazing car – one-time payment and EMI option. One can book the car at Rs. 14000. In the EMI option, Nissan is providing the loan term calculator with minimum interest at 7.99%. So, get hungry to drive the course of excitement with Nissan Magnite.

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