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Make your Friends Birthday Special

Make Your Friends Feel Special on their Birthday with These Tips

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Make your Friends Birthday Special: Birthdays are very special. It’s the day when you become a bit older but a lot wiser. Almost everybody wants their birthday to be remarkable. But are you worried that your friend may not celebrate this year’s birthday as they wish?

Amid this pandemic, the celebrations and all the fun are limited. But it need not be if they have a friend like you who worry about their birthdays.
The fact that you are thinking about your friend shows how much you care for them.

Let’s have a look at some ways you can make your friend’s birthday special this year.

Be the first to wish your friend

birthday wishes for friend

It does not matter if you live far away, as long as you have the internet running, you can give a happy birthday wishes to your friend anywhere. Make sure you are the first to wish. It means a lot to the person whose birthday it is. And if you can walk over to their place to wish them birthday. Nothing can be more surprising than your friend knocking at your door at midnight to wish you a happy birthday.

Compose a short poem or song for your friend

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to compose a simple poem or song. It does not matter how well you sing or how good is your poem. All that matters is that you put in your effort to put up a smile on their face. It’s the emotions and sincerity that counts. You can even compose a funny parody poem and laugh your asses off together.

Gift a handmade card

 hand made birthday card for friend

Cards never seem to go out of fashion. You can gift a card yourself. Try to make the card yourself and decorate the card with glitters and stuff. You can put it in your photos together. I am sure they are going to preserve the card for their whole life. Ultimately, the beauty of the card is in the fact that someone thought of them sincerely and designed the card for them.

Surprise your friend with some gift

There are many gift ideas that you can give to your friend. One can be, which you make it yourself. The other is something they desire to have, such as the new Playstation or the dress in their wishlist. They are bound to remember you every time they see the gift. Trust me; it is a beautiful feeling.

Pretend to forget their birthday and surprise them with a party at the end of the day

The method is popular among the guys. Men tend to hide their true feelings. They care much more than they seem to do. So if you don’t want to expose your true feelings to your friend, try the above method. It’s utterly exciting. You go on pretending that you don’t care and have forgotten their birthday.

Make sure you don’t give them a chance to say it themselves that it is their birthday. It is best to stay away from them and not to engage in any conversation with them. Just when they start to feel downhearted that you have forgotten their birthday, you come with a big blast.

It would be one hell of a surprise. They will remember for their whole life and also the fact that it was not wrong to expect from you.

Fulfilling ones wish

If you are close enough to your friend, you must know about their wishes. Try to fulfill any one of the desires. After all, life is about memories. Make a memory together. Your friend will value the friendship their entire life.

Spend precious time together

spending time with friend on birthday

If you are out of touch for some time, the birthday is a golden opportunity to come together. Spend some quality time together. Grab some beer and have a heart to heart conversation at the terrace at night. What more can be precious? A best friend, a bottle of beer and starry night. This is what life should be.

Relationships are important. Friendship is at the base of every relationship. Life is too short; learn to value it as early as possible. You don’t need to have many friends in your life. Even if you have a single friend who is worth dying is a life well-led.