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World Coconut Day: Know Benefits of Coconut and its Importance in Indian Tradition

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World coconut day is observed on 2 September to create awareness about the benefits and importance of the coconut across the world. Coconut is a versatile tree.

It is mainly used for making different kinds of food items and as a medicinal product. However, its water, oil, and milk are widely used for cooking and non-cooking purposes, at the same time, its fibrosis used to make brooms, brushes, mats, chairs, mattresses, ropes, etc. Coconut water is a boon for health and beauty.

Coconut is considered as a symbol of Indian culture. The tradition of offering Shrifal (coconut) in worship, respect, greetings has been going on since the Vedic period. It is called Nariyar in Gujarati, Naral in Marathi, Shrifal in Sanskrit, Khoopar in Kashmiri, and Narikel in Bangla.

Described in mythology

According to Mythological beliefs, Vishwamitra, who became Rajarshi to Brahmarshi after being annoyed by devs, he himself started the creation of the universe. The head made by him is coconut.

Human has two eyes in Brahmas creation while Vishwamitra created three eyes in his human creation, so the coconut has three shapes as eyes. This is the reason why coconut is called Trinetra.

Some believe that this multivariate and monocot plant is originally a tree of New Zealand beaches, which is later reached other countries including India. It grows easily in a tropical climate.

The state Kerala is at the forefront of coconut production in India. It is found in many states in India like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Orissa, Andaman, and Nicobar.

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut is a complete food rich in vitamins, calories, and minerals. It is also helpful in strengthening immunity, eating coconut may improve cholesterol levels and help to decrease belly fat. Doctors advise cancer patients to include coconut water in their diet because Radium and Cobalt are found in coconut.

Apart from this, it is very beneficial in diseases like heart, mouth ulcers, liver, kidney, etc. Physicians also recommend drinking coconut water in case of Diarrhea or Vomiting.

Oil extracted from dried coconut has great medicinal value. Its massage makes the skin shiny and its use in hair relives the problem of dandruff and fungus.

Coconut Water Benefits

The outer shell of coconut fruit is thick and fibrous, covered with a hardcover. The raw green coconut is called “Dhabh”. It has sweet water inside, which is very beneficial for health.

In coastal areas, people have been using coconut for years for food and beauty. When the body lacks water or lacks blood fluidity costal people take coconut water as a home remedy.

A coconut contains about 200 ml of water. Every part of the coconut is beneficial in one way or another. Including coconut water in your diet, will not only keep your digestion right, but it will also bring a natural glow on your face.

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