You are currently viewing Pushkar Holi: Best Place to Celebrate a Happy Colorful Holi in India
Pushkar Holi: Best Place to Celebrate a Happy Colorful Holi in India

Pushkar Holi: Best Place to Celebrate a Happy Colorful Holi in India

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Holi is the festival of bright colours celebrating the blooming weather of spring. It is a festival of joy, love, fun, brotherhood and a little bit Messier which is loved by everyone ( except some extra-conscious). The smell of Gulal, thandai (a type of cool Indian beverage), lots of sweets, and last of all Gujiya which is a festival special. Holi in India is not confined within the boundaries of particular regions only but its uniqueness differs from place to place. Just like this, there is something extraordinary with Pushkar holi which is famous worldwide. Rajasthan is the state of colours and beautiful people which helps in enhancing the contrast of joy of Holi which is celebrated in Pushkar.

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All about Pushkar Holi

Have you heard about ‘Balam Pichkari’ from YEH JAVANI HAI DEEWANI and all the colours and fun in the song? You can also enjoy these scenes in real life at one of the largest and outstanding events of the year – Pushkar Holi 2021 is moving to be like a wind that hits you when you least expect it. You should never miss the Pushkar holi during this time of the year. If you do then you are awfully missing out on some of the fortunate memories of your existence.

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The one of the outstanding qualities of the Pushkar Holi is the festivity that begins at about 10 in the early morning and gets on till 5 pm in the evening. The town square is modified into a traditional club.

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Sadly, there is no booze but many DJs are playing banging electronic music, lots of people dancing, getting coloured and tossing fistfuls in the air.
It is really a superb sight and must be experienced individually. You can disregard everything outside and simply lose yourself in this big colourful festival. Skip Sunburn this time – go to Holi 2021 in Pushkar. If you are an enthusiastic photographer or a documentarian or simply a serious blogger. At that point, Pushkar Holi 2021 is the perfect spot for you.

Dhamaka Holi!

Pushkar is well-known for its Kapda and Holi. People rip the clothes off of their friends and wander around bare-chested. If you are a female then you don’t need to worry because females are not involved in this case. There is enough security, police assure that females will not get included in such actions.

It is a Lifetime Experience

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Pushkar Holi will be a standout amongst other lifetime experiences of yours. The music, lassi, tones, and colors will make your Holi extraordinary compared to other Holi experiences of your life. It will be a decent and most energizing lifetime experience for you.

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