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Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friends

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Best Friends Forever – a term you can hardly throw around lightly. These people are rare to find. They stay with you through thick and thin. They are there to share a laugh. And they are there when you need to cry. It is your best friends who make your life bearable, fun, enduring and happy. Hence, their birthdays need special attention. The gift you get them must stand out. For without this day, your friend would not have been here and your life would have been painfully empty.

Here is a list of 10 amazing birthday gift ideas that you can gift to your BFFs. Each will go on to show your love and how much you value your friend and the friendship.

1. My Best Friend Coffee Mug

What better gift can you give your best friend than a coffee mug that spells your thought for you! The best friend coffee mug is perfect as a birthday gift as the quote on it can redeclare your relationship. Every morning of your friend will start with the mug that you give him or her. A smile will appear on his/her face remembering all those “weird” moments that you have spent together. Indeed, you can be yourself only with your BFF. And the coffee mug can symbolise the same.

2. Personal Bluetooth Speaker

Who does not love music? Especially when your best friends come over and you have ordered dinner and the plan is for the whole night? Get your friend a personal Bluetooth Speaker that adequately fills one whole room with its clear volume and starts the party going within seconds. The music lover in your friend will love it. The tech lover will appreciate the bass and depth. These are compact, affordable, presentable and utilitarian. Lastly, the speakers are portable. They can travel with their friend.

3. Photo Frames for Wall Decoration

Adorn a portion of your best friend’s wall with a photo frame collection that will survive a lifetime. Be sure to place your best memories and photos in these frames. Then, wrap it up and wait for your friend to open your gift right after the cake. Memories will flood both of you. The Collage Photo frames are classy and versatile. And they fit right inside the budget of literally everyone. Hardly any other gift can get as thoughtful as photo frames harbouring your experiences for a lifetime.

4. Yoga Mat

This is a perfect gift for your fitness-freak best friend who is yet to start with yoga. Or that stubborn BFF who wishes to exercise every day but never gets it done. A unisex yoga mat comes in a versatile colour along with a strap to carry it along. Be it in the gym or at home, your friend can get started with yoga without further fuss or excuses. And you will be the one who will be nudging your friend to a healthy habit. Another typical BFF trait!

5. Bathrobes

The popular opinion that bathrobes are a couple’s gift is a total myth. It is a fantastic friend’s gift. You know the comfort of slipping into your 100% cotton bathrobe at the end of the day, just after a long shower and relaxing with your favourite book or show. Throw a soothing drink into the mix and the feeling is heavenly. Why not give that experience to your friend also? Gift a premier bathrobe to your best friend on his/her birthday and bring the joy of relaxation into his/her life.

6. Swiss Army Knife

Want to gift your BFF a multipurpose gift that is also a life-saviour while travelling? Buy this Swiss Army Knife that has a penknife, bottle opener, cork opener and more. Suitable for both him and her, swiss knives make elegant and thoughtful gifts for the traveller and occasional drink lover. Your friend will thank you for the same every time an emergency comes up, be it while being stuck in the woods or opening that wine bottle.

7. Indoor plants

Who gifts a plant on a best friend’s birthday? The caring friend who wants to show that the relationship requires nurturing and is alive owing to the love and care. Indoor plants liven up a room. They keep the air fresh, preserve your friend’s health and show your concern for his/her well-being. Pick a pot that can sit almost anywhere, on the window sill or the work table, and be on your friend’s memories always. Plants are intimate gifts. Gift one on your best friend’s birthday without hesitation.

8. Ice Cream Maker

Your running-a-family-friend or living-alone friend will appreciate a home essential. And what better choice to take as a gift on his/her birthday than an ice cream maker? Ice cream makers make it super easy to conjure natural homemade ice creams. Just throw in your beloved fruits, add the necessary dairy products and let the machine do its magic. 30-odd minutes and mouthwatering ice cream is ready. Enjoy it together while catching up on life sometime later or let it become your friend’s friend when you are absent from the scene.

9. Pillow covers set

We all have that one best friend who has a lot of pillows. They barely get up from their beds and when they do, they hover over to the sofa which is again flooded with pillows. For these types of BFFs, get matching and complementary pillow cover sets that will go with the theme of their rooms. Go overboard with colours. Get rustic designs that your friend will love. New covers for their beloved pillows will make their day as your friend will know that no one knows him/her the best but you.

10. Passport holder

Now if your best friend is always losing his/her things, you must get a passport holder for his/her birthday. That is not something you can afford to lose, especially if you are already in a foreign land. Good passport holders have slots for bank cards, coins, other photo IDs and more. And they are sturdy enough to keep their shape and last longer. Make your next foreign trip with your BFF stress-free. With your gifted passport holder, your friend won’t lose the most important document at least.

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