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Skin Care in winter

Skin Protection in Winter: Keep it Soft & Glowing by Using These Tips

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Winter is a relief after the rigors of a harsh summer. You are free to wear pretty clothes, go out in the sun and it is also the time for outdoor activities, picnics, and parties. The only downside of the winter months is that the season is very tough on the skin. Girls find that skin turns dull and dark. It becomes dry and rough and needs some extra skin protection in winter to maintain the glow.

Skin Protection in Winter

There are small things that you can do to protect your skin in winter every single day.

1. Say no to hot water

Winters tempt you to use hot water to take a bath or shower. Hot water tends to dry the skin and should be avoided. Use lukewarm water, and use a moisturizer immediately after the shower to keep skin soft and supple.

2. Hydration is the key to healthy skin

Water is all-important for skin protection in winter. It is very important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated at all times. You might not feel as thirsty as you do in summer but, regular water intake is very important for maintaining healthy skin.

3. Say goodbye to scrubs

Young girls often use an exfoliating agent like a scrub quite often to keep oiliness at bay. But, since winter skin tends to be dry, scrubs should be used sparingly, once a weekly at the maximum.

4. Moisturize for long-lasting relief

Moisturizing is very important. You can use a light moisturizer available commercially immediately after a shower and at bedtime after cleansing. Oiling your skin and hair is also a good way to keep your skin nourished. Oil massages hydrate the skin and also keeps it supple.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of sunscreen

Use sunscreen liberally all over the exposed skin. Winter sun can be as damaging as the hot summer sun. The winter sun can be deceptive as it feels mild. Natural sunscreens like Aloe Vera also works well. Do not go out with damp skin. Damp skin tends to crack in the cold air.

6. Foot care for a crack-free winter

Foot care is also important in winter as feet tend to crack in the cold weather. Use a glycerine based cream or petroleum jelly to keep feet soft. You need to take regular pedicures to keep feet soft and clean.

7. Get rid of the itch

If you are prone to itchy skin or any condition like psoriasis or eczema extra care is needed to keep skin healthy. Woolen clothes can be a source of allergy and you should be careful. Try layered cotton clothes or synthetic wool to minimize the irritations.

8. Go natural

Natural skin care products like honey, jojoba oil, banana, milk cream, or aloe vera help to maintain moisture levels in the skin. Packs using these materials can be beneficial for young skin. Avoiding harsh chemicals can take away years to the skin.

9. Watch what you drink

Warm drinks can be very tempting in cold winter months. Few people can resist a glass of Vodka or brandy in the cold winter evenings. But, do keep in mind that both caffeine and alcohol are bad for the skin and may cause it to dry out and become flaky.

10. Build a skincare routine

Following a daily skincare routine is very important in the winter months. It is important to cleanse and moisturize twice daily to remove residue and keep skin fresh.

All that you do to keep skin healthy in winter, it is important to eat well. Seasonal fruits, dairy products, and berries are very good for your skin. Daily exercise is also an important regimen to keep skin healthy and glowing.

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