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How to impress your girlfriend's parents

How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

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You will find lots of articles on the internet about how to impress a girl and make her your girlfriend and how to make a girl fall for you and blah.. blah..blah… But it is not only the girl you love whom you need to impress, but sometimes it is also your girlfriend’s parents and family members who need to be impressed to earn yourself the green light to date/ marry her.

But let me make something clear at the beginning, in the end, it all matters how much you love the girl and how much you want to sacrifice and give up to have her in your life. True Love can be felt by all. So, here are the TOP 10 tips to impress your girlfriend’s parents

1. Be Yourself and Be the ‘Man’

Why not create a strong personality? Remember it’s very much like the Job interview. You need to put forward the best yourself. So the beginner’s tip is to start off with a strong and firm “handshake”. Yup, you need to be confident.
The parents especially, the father would like to hand over her daughter to someone who is confident and of strong will. Her father wants you to be the MAN. And if you are meeting her parents for the first time address her father as ‘Sir’ and her mother as ‘Mam’ and if you are not comfortable, then addressing her as ‘Aunt’ would also work. Addressing her father as ‘Sir’ may work out well for you because, not only her parents, everybody wants to feel respected. By this, they will think that you are a person who knows how to respect people and will also respect their daughter in the future.

2. Compliments

Well you know compliments are the best way to win people’s like and appreciation. Compliment her parents BUT don’t overdo it. People can understand when they are buttered and when they are sincerely complimented. Say something like “Sir, you have got a fit and fine body at this age”. It depends, or something like “Wow, That’s a nice house you have got there, Sir” if you are visiting their house for the first time. If you are meeting them at a restaurant over dinner or something like that, you can definitely compliment her father’s as well as her mother’s attire. You can say “How lovely you couple are? Mam/Aunt has not lost her charm after all these years too.” You can say anything to make them feel good. But DON’T (at any cost) OVER-DO IT.

3. Strike up a Conversation

Bring up an interesting topic to discuss. And don’t just go on saying about yourself or about how much you love their daughter. They might think you are a real ‘despo’ and want to ‘grab’ their child. Show interest in her father’s occupation or her father’s hobbies or collections. It will definitely make them like you. If her mother is good at handicrafts, then say so, and her questions about it. Show interest EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. Yes, that’s important. You don’t need to marry her parents. You need to impress them. So LYING A BIT IS OKAY.

4. Get to know them Beforehand

Yes, do your homework and get details about your girlfriend’s parents. Get to know their mentality. Know what they approve and disapprove of. Know what kind of clothes they like and dress up accordingly. Get a gift for them which they will like. Your girlfriend will be your greatest friend in this matter.

5. Dressing Sense

It would be advisable if you wear something formal and nice at the first meeting. Don’t go to them dressed up as a hippie even if they like any particular rock band. A lot can be judged by appearance. Though a book is not to be judged by its cover. Still, who doesn’t do it?? They are typically the parents of a girl. They are supposed to judge a boy who wants to marry their daughter by their dress-up and attire. And carry a handkerchief, MUST.

6. Don’t be Lost

A father would give her daughter to someone who is responsible or in this case ‘employed’. Yes, that’s the bitter truth, Money does matter, at least SOMETIMES. And if you are not employed and still at your college or high school, make sure to make an impression of yourself. Don’t be someone who does not have any aim in life and is just wondering what to do next. Be someone with clarity and confidence, be promising. That’s what they want in their future son-in-law. And avoid using any electronics during the whole conversation with her parents or at the dinner table.

7. Avoid Hotly Debated Topics

Keep yourself away from politics or any such controversial topics. I mean, come on you are not there to win some debate, you are there to impress them. So stay aloof of such topics and stay safe.

8. Have a Positive Body Language

Carry off yourself in a good manner. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you behave everything reflects your personality. So keep in mind your manners. But don’t become nervous in doing so. They are not going to kill you hopefully.

9. Keep your PDA to a Minimal Level

That’s an important point to keep in mind. Keep your PDA (Public Display of Affection) in check. No need to show excessive love toward her at that moment. You will have your time later. Don’t worry, but that is not the right time to show off your love. And don’t get naughty with her even if she wants to. Look, parents will never like it if you do such intimate things in front of them, she is still the innocent little girl to them. So no naughtiness under the dinner table.

10. A Loving Conclusion

Before parting for the day, don’t forget to tell them how much you love their daughter and how much she means to you. This will give a positive mark on your behalf. They will really appreciate it.

NOTE– If their parents disliked you from the beginning, try to know the reason behind it and work it out first. BEST OF LUCK.

In the end, how to impress your girlfriend’s parents, all comes down to you, how you manage to carry off yourself and win over them. These tips and tricks are only to help you. But you gotta do it yourself. Let us know if this helped you in the comments section. And also let us know our shortcomings if there are any. So bye and keep Loving.

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