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best looking dog breeds in the world

Top 10 Best Looking Dog Breeds in the World

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Thinking of having a furry companion? But are you confused to choose the best? You certainly have come to the right place then. We will help you to choose the best one. However, training plays an important role.

It does not matter which breed they are. If you train them right and giving them enough love and attention they will become your greatest companion. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top 10 Best looking dogs

Yorkshire Terrier

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These are one of the most popular playful dogs in the US. They have the benefit of being small in size. Therefore, they are fitting for people who live in apartments. You don’t have to spare extra space for them. They are remarkably cute and have a great personality. However, it will take you a little longer to train them because of which they aren’t much child-friendly.

Their self-esteem is much bigger than their actual size and they may try to pick fights with bigger dogs. It is advisable to teach them to socialize as early as you can.


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They are a very popular breed of dogs. They are super fluffy, thanks to their thick double coat. They come in different colors such as cream, lavender, chocolate, orange, sable, or red.

They are very family-friendly as they are cute and small. They are active and you can train them easily. The kids love them as they are quite playful ones. This also means they are protective too and are wary of someone new.

You may need to pay a bit more attention to their hair as they shed a lot. You would have to brush them once a week. Overall, these are great as your companion.


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They may not some pretty but again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. They are one of the gentlest, most breeds. Do you have kids in the home? Then bulldog would be a great choice as they are very adorable and reliable.

They don’t prefer to be very active. They like to relax most of the time. You don’t have to bother to take them out for walks. They would be a perfect choice if you are a busy person.


best looking dog breeds

They are master lovers. They will remain committed to you. They are very loyal and watchful of strangers. They prefer to remain close to the family members as they are attentive. Therefore, it’s better to train them properly to control them.

Teach them to socialize at an early age so in that way they would be friendly with kids and adults alike. They are sturdy and athletic and you need to provide them with lots of exercises. A sedentary lifestyle may impact their nature and make them grumpy.

Great Dane

Good looking dogs

This breed of dogs tends to adapt to its master’s behavior. Despite their big size, they are quite sensitive and can get upset easily.

Their family is their top priority. They give it their all to keep them happy which means they are somewhat protective.

Always get them familiar with your guests as they may disappoint them. Making them feel uncomfortable. However, they are very child friendly once they get to know each other.

Saint Bernard

cute looking dogs in the world

These mountain dogs are from Switzerland. They are very smart and intelligent. They may weigh up to 50 kg. They make good family pets despite their sturdy and big build because of their calm and gentle nature.

However, they are not the first choice when it comes to being playful. They can also get very stubborn at times. But if you train them right and from an early age, they can prove to be quite loving and trustworthy.

They have these super ears which can predict avalanches. If you are living in a mountain region make sure you have one such companion.


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Do you like spending time in the pool? Are you looking for a cuddly companion? Well, these breeds are comfortable on land and water alike. Their weather-resistant coat makes them great swimmers.

However, they do require a quite bit of exercise to say fit and healthy. They are a lot of fun and are playful. They like to chew. Make sure you have loads of chewy toys around. You don’t want them to shred your new pair of sneakers.

German Shepherd

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They are very loyal and obedient once trained properly. This is the reason they are used extensively in military and police all over the world. They are apt guard dogs and take strangers very seriously.

They may seem dangerous at first. Once acquainted with them, they are loving creatures. They are super sweet and very intelligent. You don’t need to work hard to train them. The air of confidence around them is what makes them more beautiful.

Golden Retriever

cute looking dogs in the world

Speak of beauty, intelligence, and energy, all in one, Golden Retrievers are the ones who have all the three qualities in them. They are very calm. They remain puppies until the age of four. *cuteness overloaded*

However, you need to brush them regularly. The golden coat sheds all year long. They are easy to train and are very light-hearted and loyal. They are also ideal as rescue dogs.

 Siberian Husky

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They are similar to wolves and look great. Their furry coat comes in various colors. Their unique almond-shaped eyes are the most attractive part of their body. Their coat is quite thick and is suitable for cold environments. They are also very easy to train because of their intelligence. This makes them family-friendly with their lovable nature.

Moreover, they look more cute and adorable in their puppy stage. They like to dig around a bit. It is okay if you keep a separate spot around your house for it to do so. They like to remain active. They are excellent partners when you go jogging or hiking. They are also great with kids around given proper training.

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