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Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed: Weird Emerging Clothing Trends Affecting Youth

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If we talk about the strange outfits trends in India, then the name of some famous bold actresses immediately clicks in our mind, But out of them, Uorfi Javed is at the forefront of the list. On several occasions, she has been trolled badly on social media for her intimate clothes. Indian Television Actress, Uorfi was seen in many TV shows including the most famous Big Boss OTT. She has appeared in TV serials like Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and Daayan.

Nowadays, Uorfi Javed is in trend across social media because of her bizarre outfits. People are criticizing her in the comment box, where does she get this weird fashion sense? Is her fashion designer a mouse? She often seems to be trapped by all the questions. But this is a matter to think from where Uorfi gets the urge to do this intimate fashion? Are these bizarre trends affecting the new generation?

Does Uorfi Javed do all this to get fame?

Urfi Javed

People are often seen criticizing girls on social media who wear revealing dresses… that she wears only to get attention and fame. So does this prove to be true in the case of Uorfi Javed? Because even before Uorfi came to Bigg Boss OTT platform, Uorfi used to share photos and reels on Instagram wearing intimate and sheer outfits, due to which she got a lot of fame and followers along with trollers.

So, It can be assumed that yes Uorfi does all this to get attention and fame, and the other aspect can also be that she liked this since the beginning and presents herself to the world in the same way.

Would normal girls like to wear outfits like Uorfi Javed?

Urfi Javed bizarre dress

Like we asked common girls in our survey that if Uorfi Javed’s style clothes are given to them to wear free of cost, can they walk around the world wearing them? So their answers will not surprise you at all. 90% of the girls out of 100% got a big no as their answer and the 10% who agreed to it also agreed to wear it only on any special occasion, that too the non of their parents in presence. So you can easily understand here that no common girl would like to wear the intimate and weird clothes worn by Uorfi Javed.

Does Uorfi Javed’s fashion reflect the coming generation?

Urfi Javed weird looking outfit

As we have seen in the past, Bollywood Vogue was adopted and followed by the fans. Fashion enthusiasts never want to miss the latest trend and always keep their eyes on celebrities. Over the years, as social media has become a part of our life, it has also changed the fashion industry drastically. And this change is affecting the youth a lot and is changing itself over time. So yes, it would probably not be wrong to say that the coming generation will not only adopt this weird fashion of Uorfi Javed but also showcase it on social media to get fame and attention.

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